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10 Educational Toys for Improving Children’s Hand-Eye Coordination

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From the very moment children are born they begin working on hand-eye coordination and practicing the skills needed to connect eye and hand movements. As your child grows, hand-eye coordination will be essential in many of the activities that adults take for granted, such as writing or tying shoes laces. As a parent, you can help greatly in the development of your little ones by providing them with a selection of educational toys. Here are 10 great toys that will really help your child progress.

Vilac Shape Sorter

1. Stacking Toys

Stacking toys such as building blocks are brilliant, not only for hand-eye coordination but also for stimulating a child’s imagination, improving spatial awareness, and promoting logical thinking. Stacking toys are available in different types and can be made from wood, plastic, or foam. Whichever type you choose, these developmental toys will provide hours of fun.

2. Shape Sorters

Shape sorters play a key role in a child’s development as these help them in learning how to manipulate objects with their hands until these fit into the space that the eye is seeing. You can give your child a shape sorter from around six months and, while they might not be able to master the art of putting shapes in their corresponding holes right away, the interaction and stimulation that the toy provides will be vital.

3. Puzzles

Like shape sorters, puzzles rely on logical thinking to improve hand-eye coordination. Puzzles can be introduced at around 18 months and increased in difficultly as your child gets older. Chunky board puzzles are the best to start with, before graduating to interlocking varieties at round 30-36 months. As children learn how to move pieces around until they fit, they will be able to progress to more challenging puzzles.

Galt Pop-Up Toy

4. Pop-up Toys

Mechanical pop-up toys that feature a range of knobs, buttons, and levers teach hand-eye coordination, as well as promoting problem-solving and helping children learn about cause-and-effect. There is a range of pop-up toys that can be enjoyed by children ranging from six months onwards.

5. Balls

Balls – of any size – are perhaps the greatest way of developing hand-eye coordination in children and can be used from birth. Simple games like rolling a ball back and forth allow a child to use their hands to direct the ball in the direction his or her hands are facing, while more advanced activities like kicking, throwing, and catching can be introduced gradually as a child gets older. Once children become comfortable with balls, they can graduate to the ultimate test of coordination – juggling.

6. Swingball

A hugely enjoyable, but challenging, garden game for both children and adults is swingball. This game consists of a stationary metal pole, from which a ball is hung from a rope. The ball must then be hit clockwise and anticlockwise around the pole. While it is probably too difficult for younger children, kids over the age of six will love it.

7. Colouring Pens

Hand-eye coordination is essential in writing and by around nine months of age children will be showing a willingness to pick up a pen and make marks on paper. You should encourage this, first by providing crayons and then colouring pens, along with drawing paper and colouring books. Drawing and colouring encourages imagination and improves fine motor skills. As well as colouring pens, decorate-your-own kits and painting sets are also great educational toys.

8. Play Dough

Play dough can be bought or made and is an excellent way of developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills in toddlers. Play dough offers endless possibilities and can be rolled and sculpted into pretty much any shape. Children love to pinch, squeeze, pat and roll play dough and the colours help the kids to express themselves. Along with the play dough, provide children with cutters and rolling pins to experiment with.


9. Threading Games

At 2-3 years old, children will begin learning to thread objects onto string and rope. Threading or lacing games require excellent coordination, as well as concentration and patience. The various shapes and sizes of the beads allow children to create different patterns and express creativity.

10. Painting Sets

Like colouring pens, painting sets are fantastic educational toys for parents looking to stimulate children and improve hand-eye coordination. By using the brush included in the kits and intricately filling in the detail using the paints, children will improve their fine motor skills. Vilacs My First Paint By Numbers or Paintastics Paint By Numbers; either option will be excellent in your child’s development.


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