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Top 10 Best Science Toys for Children

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As adults, we tend to associate science with dull chemistry labs and boring lessons in secondary school. However, these days – thanks largely to toys – science has never been cooler for youngsters, and children of all ages can explore and experiment with all kinds of different things. Science toys are great fun, but they also happen to be educational and provide hours of entertainment. Science today is all about enjoyment and creativity and here 10 toys that will help your kids realise this.

1. Chemistry Set

All children go through a phase of loving science and for older kids a chemistry set is a great gift. There are numerous kits available, and they are all safe and provide easy to read instructions so your child can follow along to master experiments. Many of the kits support the key stages of the Science National Curriculum too – benefitting your child’s education while they have fun. One of our favourite kits is Kitchen Science, which offers six specially designed kitchen experiments including, building a volcano and generating electricity using a fork and a tomato.

2. Microscope

No young lover of science should be without a microscope to help him or her explore the world around them and see everything up and close and personal. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to microscopes, but the Science4you entry-level microscopes are only suitable for kids aged 8 and over, but it offers excellent magnification and focus. 28-page coloured book providing detailed instructions and scientific information.

Science4you Microscope

3. Telescope

Kids just love the solar system and learning about the night sky – a good telescope is the best way to teach them. Telescopes need to be easy to use for kids and provide a good combination of magnification and clarity. The Science4you Telescope comes with its own tripod, and everything about the solar system, planets, stars, comets booklet.

4. Science Putty

Science Putty by the Science Museum will keep children (and adults) entertained for hours. Unlike the play dough your kids will be used to, this stuff is complex and unpredictable, changing shape and form depending on how it is used. One moment you can be moulding it into a particular shape and the next, it will be locking up and breaking in your hands. Stranger still, the putty is actually a liquid that will drip if left out of the tub overnight.

5. Anatomy Model

The human body is of great interest to children and toys can help them learn more about how it works, while also increasing their scientific knowledge. Anatomy is a particularly enthralling subject and this Anatomy Model will help kids manipulate the inner workings of the body and discover how organs interact. The realistic model also includes step-by-step assembly instructions and a fact-filled guide.

6. Metal Detector

You will not find any child that does not like exploring, especially when that exploring involves looking for buried treasure. A metal detector is a simple and fun toy that provides hours of fun, helping children locate hidden metals. This Digital Metal Detector comes with an LCD screen and gain button for extra sensitivity.

7. Electric Paint

Bare Conductive Electric Paint is black, gluey paint in a pen that is able to conduct electricity when dry. This creative toy is brilliantly educational and involves a degree of problem solving – something that children love.

8. Dinosaur Excavation Kit

No list of science toys for children could ever be complete without something to do with dinosaurs. Kids find dinosaurs fascinating and this Dig & Play set by 4M will help then discover more about their beloved beasts. Included in the set are an excavation kit and a board game filled with fun facts about the lost jungle and where dinosaurs used to live.

Seedling Worm farm

9. Worm Farm

Nature toys are a great way for children to learn more about the natural world and are excellent for kids that like to discover what nature is all about. While adults might not be too excited by the thought of this toy, Seedling's Worm Farm is something that youngsters will love. This set includes a viewing chamber, tunnelling material, and housekeeping instructions, allowing kids to observe the world of worms in great detail.

10. Green Rocket

Experiments will keep kids entertained for hours and let then learn more about the world of physics. The Green Rocket by 4M lets children build a rocket made from rubbish and powered by green energy. Using a couple of plastic bottles and some old magazines, kids can construct a rocket and send it off into the sky. The kit includes everything needed to build and launch a rocket.


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